Stop Leaving Money on the Supplier's Table 

Supplier Credits-Returns Managed Service

(SaaS + Fully Managed Operations Team)

Cost Savings and ROI for Procurement & Finance

Learn more about this new Supplier Credits Cost Savings Service and the surprising benefits and ROI for both Procurement & Finance!

What is the Service?

SaaS Solution + Fully Managed Operations Team

Think of this as outsourced operations or what is commonly called managed services today. We provide the People, Process, Technology and the secret sauce Governance!

We have an expert US based centralized & dedicated team that is assigned to every account

We follow best practices and have optimized processes using our 20+ years of experience

We have built a robust SaaS solution that includes a powerful customer dashboard

We have governance and automation to help ensure every credit gets to AP

85% of organizations have Financial Leakage, some over a million+ dollars a year!

Belmero can set you up for Success and Stop Financial Leakage!!

90% of Returns obtain supplier approval within 3 days!

4 Reasons Why Our Customers Choose Us


Provide Immediate Cost Savings!

On average 100% to 400% ROI every year! This service eliminates the #1 Over Payment Issue found in Accounts Payable Audits!


We do all of the work for you!

This is a fully managed outsourced operations. We provide the people, process, technology and governance to manage your entire supplier returns process!


Artificial Intelligence Assisted Governance

Our AI assisted governance helps ensure every credit makes it to AP and improves the bottom line or is quickly available in the budget!


Supplier Credits are Automated

Receive supplier credits fast, usually within a few days!

Interested in More Details?

This Service Eliminates the #1 Over Payment Issue according to Accounts Payable Audits!

This issue alone can be costing organizations millions of dollars a year!

Return On Investment


Procurement & Finance

100% - 400%

Return On Investment (ROI)

Financial Leakage Stopped

This is the #1 benefit and most significant cost savings. Overall this financial leakage is eliminated which means the organization will be receiving and processing All of the supplier credits that are owed to them! This can be millions of dollars a year for some organizations and that is negatively impacting their bottom line

Restocking Fee Savings

Our team diligently ensures that only what should be paid is charges. Also, we have a successful track record of reducing the fees. Overall this is another area of cost savings.

Increased Annual Number and Total Dollar Amount of Returns

Most organizations see their total number and amount of credits increase, some even double! This is a natural by-product and by design of our Service

Labor Cost Savings

Our team takes care of the entire end-to-end supplier return process so your teams (purchasing and payables) no longer have to. The section below explains this in more detail

The Supplier Returns Cost Savings Calculator can estimate your Savings/ROI

"We have seen our annual supplier credits increase over 2x.

I had no idea our risk exposure and loss was that much"

Service Benefit Highlights

There are many benefits to this Service. Significant Cost Savings, a high ROI, eliminates the procurement and finance pain points around the supplier credits process and it'll help you achieve common company wide strategic initiatives like process digitization, automation, cost reduction, improved margins and improved operational visibility!

Fully Managed Streamlined End to End Product Returns Process that delivers Credits in days

Supplier Credits are Automated to increase speed and accuracy without Data Entry

Artificial Intelligence assisted Governance to help ensure every credit gets to AP

BI Tools to aid in Supplier Performance Reviews & Internal Spend Analysis

Below is just one snippet of the Customer Supplier Returns Dashboard...powerful analytics!

Don't Forget This Benefit...

For purchasing we eliminate all of the headaches and time of processing, entering, coordinating and obtaining approval from suppliers/vendors. Also, for accounts payable we eliminate the headache of fixing credits with no accounting information, incomplete & inaccurate information, researching credits, fixing errors and data entry. 

Big Picture: How It Works

This is a fully managed service where we enter, communicate, coordinate, validate, update, call and verify the entire process across all stakeholders ultimately ensuring every Return for credit is interfaced and taken by AP. This is all our dedicated centralized team does for our customers and they are experts at it.

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